• Information trade is a fast growing 'business' activity and the theft of company data is nowadays a regular occurrence...

    Information Trade

    Information trade is a fast growing 'business' activity and the theft of company data is nowadays a regular occurrence.  Unfortunately, a lot of businesses still believe monitoring and eavesdropping only happens on a large industrial scale. But from our experience we know, that the size of the company or volume of business are completely irrelevant. Your clients' details, databases, company projects, blueprints, price offers as well as basic  visions and ideas are vulnerable to theft from your competitors.
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    In order to compromise  someone your competitors will not hesitate to use monitoring devices or 'bugs'. The number of those cases is on a sharp rise. The market is flooded with bugs that are getting cheaper, smaller, harder to discover and are very simple to use without any knowledge of its technology. It is estimated tens of thousands of those devices have been sold in the Czech Republic alone. So where are they..?

    Use are services to prevent eavesdropping.  We offer bug sweeping in board rooms, offices, cars etc.

    Locating monitoring devices

    Use are services to prevent eavesdropping.  We offer bug sweeping in board rooms, offices, cars etc. Anywhere you suspect is vulnerable to the use of such devices in order to compromise any sensitive information or data. Our services are widely used by company directors, managers, solicitors, attorneys, notaries, bankers, pharmaceutical and energy companies and many more. The actual procedure of locating a monitoring device typically  involves 2 to 3 technicians who can do it after business hours or on weekends as well as as under cover during your opening times.
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    Any unwanted devices and bugs are located using the latest Rohde & Schwarz technology, radiometric thermal camera, RFD-5 Hi-frequency field detector, MRA-5 Radio analyser, Wega-i Hidden camera detector and many others. Our technicians will measure the radio spectrum using a spectral analyser, a so called triangulation and a subsequent local correlation of the RF spectrum. Naturally any sweep would also involve physical inspection using inspection cameras and other devices.
    Write us, how we can contact you (email, phone, Viber..)
    If you suspect, that you are listening government secret service, probably we will not accept your order for ethical reasons

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    ▪ What is the price of your information ?
    ▪ The answer is not the same before and after the theft of information !!!
    ▪ Do not let rob yourself !
    10-50 m2 20.000,-Kč
    51-100 m2 35.000,-Kč
    101-150 m2 50.000,-Kč
    151-200 m2 65.000,-Kč
    201-300 m2 75.000,-Kč
    301-more m2 by agreement
    car checking (without disassembly for details) 9.000,-Kč
    Transport costs Prague, west. Czech free, otherwise 7CZK price / km *price excl. VAT
  • How to order?

    Do not call us out of the room, you want to check!
    You can contact us using e-mail, telephone or security computer using feedback form or use Viber.

    Do not tell anyone about checking! Often, it is the employees of the company for the money put listening devices in the premises of their superiors.


    detektivni komora
    In accordance with the protocol, the approximate time of inspection premises two technicians takes 5-10 square meters per hour. Once completed, you will receive an oral information and you will be sent a technical report on the validation process and results.

    Further services:
    Order right now ▪ Rabbath to recheck at 4 times a year
    ▪ technical support against the installation of monitoring devices
    ▪ when bugs will detected , the possibility of further investigation.
    ▪ abroad service. We speak Russian, German, English, Czech

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All our clients are V.I.P. We do not do basic, partial or quick sweeps! We only offer the full service of locating any monitoring devices, using all our technology, expertise and experience.
We do not sell or install any monitoring devices. We solely specialize in locating all types of those.   We are a member of the CKDS - The Association of detective services personnel